Kyoto Machiya (町家)

We rented a Machiya traditional townhouse from Iori which finds and restores Kyoto’s old machiya townhouses to rent out to visitors.

The machiya we rented was in Gion and fits up to 6 people – we had 6.  Considering that we would have to get 3 hotel rooms – renting the machiya wasn’t that much more expensive and probably cheaper than staying at a ryokan inn, which charges per person rather than by number or rooms because breakfast and dinner are included – they tend to be extravagant. The place was nicely restored with all the modern amenities while retaining the charm of the old machiya.

Around the neighborhood – the machiya is on a street that has a lot of antique store and the Degoichi Train Model Cafe.

Luxury cars, please use the parking lot. It will be an inconvenience if there is a an accident – I guess you can park in front if you have a beater.

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