A 50,000 Step Walk – Bunkyo-ku

After lunch, we decided to shift our walk to the Bunkyo ward (文京区). We took a subway from Nihonbashi to Okachimachi (Ueno Hirokoji).

From there we visited the Iwasaki mansion (旧岩崎邸), a compound of the Mitsubishi conglomerate founder near the Shinobazu pond. His son build the homes that currently occupy the grounds. There were originally 20 buildings but only a few remain, including one of the first western style mansions. All the buildings that used to occupy the grounds were connected by underground tunnels.

We continued on, walking through the University of Tokyo (Todai).

The sign says – Usage restricted solely to the kendo club, special warning to the soccer club.

School cafeteria choices.

From the University of Tokyo, we found the Hongou-kan boarding house (本郷館). A huge wooden structure built over a 100 years ago – only a few structures in Tokyo are that old due to the Great Kanto Earthquake and WWII fire bombings. Plans to demolish the Hongou-kan were made public several years ago, but its still standing and occupied.

We made our way to Nezu, where we had some taiyaki (たい焼き) – a waffle shaped like a fish filled with red bean paste.

We ended our walk by going back to Ueno and grabbed some soba for dinner.

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