Island hopping by train – Shikoku to Kyushu

My wife drags me out of bed at our hotel in Tokushima early in the morning declaring we’re going to Kyushu. We catch a train from Tokushima back to the main island of Honshu. From Okayama, we catch the bullet train to the island of Kyushu. When we reach Kyushu, we catch another train to Oita.

Made in USA, Japan – home of the USA Shrine (which was established 1,500 years ago)

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7 Responses to Island hopping by train – Shikoku to Kyushu

  1. Usa is also home to some aircraft bunkers from WWII… which is kind of surreal.

  2. Starr says:

    I love how you captured the moving subjects. Do you use DSLR? What brand and model? Thanks.

  3. I spent a couple of weeks in Kyushu this spring. My god, that island is wonderful.
    There’s just something about the small, local train stations that just screams “九州”

  4. The shots in pictured here are truely wonderful. You have a great gift.

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