Exploring Santiago

A lot has happened since we visited Santiago, Covid and riots against racial police violence. When we visited Santiago, Chile’s inequality riots was winding down. We stayed in the Lastarria – which is close to Plaze Italia, the epicenter of the riots. The riots have transformed the city – every solid surface on the ground floor around Lastarria is covered with graffiti. Traffic lights have been taken out and sidewalks destructed. However the city was safe and life mostly normal but you could feel tension and anger against police violence – the police repeatedly fired rubber bullets targeted at the protester’e eyes.

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3 Responses to Exploring Santiago

  1. Wow love the photos looks amazing

  2. David says:

    I’m such a big fan of your black and white photos, but today’s color is amazing! I’m always wrestling with color saturation in my work, you’ve given me new inspiration.

  3. Ryan Garden says:

    Amazing photos, your photos always give the feeling that we’ve been there on the trip with you.

    Like David mentioned in the comment above. I’m also a fan of your black & white photos. The colour in these ones are amazing, really jumps out at you and takes you there (if that makes sense).

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