Electric Avenue to Covent Garden (London)

A Sunday in London. The Mall is closed to traffic and we made our way through Green Park to the Underground and headed to explore Brixton. Brixton is a culturally diverse neighborhood in South London, with a large population of Caribbean descent. Brixton is home to Electric Avenue, the first street in London to be lit by electricity and the Brixton riot documented in song of the same name.

From Brixton, we made our way to Covent Garden, a popular shopping site. The streets around Covent Garden are taken over by supercars. Wealthy Saudis escaping the summer heat, come to London along with their supercars – that fill the parking spots around Covent Garden.

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1 Response to Electric Avenue to Covent Garden (London)

  1. I can’t help thinking that the London of 2017 has become a cosmopolitan dunghill with the wealthy crowing their lungs out at the top.

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