Mt. Fuji Glamping

We found 2 sunny days where we could take my mother to Lake Kawaguchi and enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji and the autumn colors. We were able to book a room at the glamping resort of Hoshinoya Fuji, which features a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji from each room. The room’s balcony features a kotasu (a table with a built-in heater and covered by a blanket) where you can sit or take a nap while marveling Mt. Fuji.

The resort requires a lot of stair climbing to get around with no elevators. My mother was able to get around but with some difficulty.

At the break of dawn, we took a walk in Aokigahara forest. a forest that grows on the harden lava – Mt. Fuji is an active volcano. The lava gives the forest its unique look of exposed roots and caves.

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