Lunching Slopeside in Zermatt

One of the joys of skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland are the slopeside lunches. Unlike the prison food served at even the best North American ski resorts, the lunches in Zermatt are delicious, its habit forming. Every table seems to have ordered a bottle of wine – wonder if the number of injuries increase after lunch. Because Switzerland ensures a living wage (over 90% get paid over $25/hr), the meals are pricey – expect to pay at least $30 for lunch (no tipping in Switzerland).

The photos are from lunches at Zum See (ski down from the Furi gondola station) and Fluhalp (ski down from the top of the Rothorn cable car).

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  1. Peter says:

    I have been wondering while following your posts in your blog – how do you define wabi? Why are your photograpgs “pursuing wabi”? What is the wabi you are after?

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