A hot and humid Tokyo Sunday

Its hot. Its humid. I’m drenched in sweat. Just another summer Sunday in Tokyo.

Umbrella holster

Is this only a Japanese tradition – the traditional standing drinking pose.

Seeking breakfast at 5:30 in the morning, thought we’d try Tokyo Station and found this place selling regional specialty bentos…why are there so many people…its 5:30AM on a Sunday. Skipped the bento…too heavy, since we have reservations for a nice lunch.

An excellent lunch at Ristorante La Barrique, a branch of the restaurant with same name in Torino, Italy.

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3 Responses to A hot and humid Tokyo Sunday

  1. I love that you didn’t just discard the blurry photos like most photographers would. They’re actually my favourites in this post, especially the first two. You started with the heat and humidity and then those two photos and it works brilliantly. It’s as if the blurriness signifies a heat wave or something.

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