French Valley (Torres del Paine)

We woke up to a spectacular view of the Cuernos (the horns) on our third day in Patagonia. We’ll be hiking alongside the horns later in the day as part of the French Valley (Valle de Frances).

The French Valley hike is the second leg of the W Trek (Glacier Grey, French Valley, Base of Towers). We began the day the same as the previous day when we hiked Glacier Grey. An early breakfast, a boat ride across Lake Pehoe to Refugio Paine Grande. We made our way to the French Glacier. Part of the hike was through the dead tree from a huge 2011 fire caused by a backpacker who was trying to burn toilet paper and it escaped his hands.

At the French Glacier lookout, we caught ice breaking off the Glacier and causing avalanches.

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