Honolulu Winter

A few days in Honolulu.  Locals were complaining it was cold but to us it was warm and comfortable.

If you don’t…wear a seat belt?

Rice ball from Iyasume

Morning traffic and a cup of green coffee

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5 Responses to Honolulu Winter

  1. AngO says:

    I wish my winter looked like that!

  2. mabjabuca says:

    Reblogged this on NEGÓCIOSe comentado:
    imagem bonita

  3. Ha! I wonder what would a citizen from Honolulu say if he came in Romania, at -10, -20 degrees 🙂

  4. j. says:

    beautiful shots!

  5. The words “Hololulu” and “winter” should only be able to exist in a sentence if the words “doesn’t actually have” are in between them!!

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