Asuke Day Trip

Continuing to go through my backlog during this stay-at-home period. Asuke (足助) is a river side town in Toyota City. Asuke known for the foliges of Korankei Gorge (香嵐渓) and its historic town. Asuke is a nice day trip from Nagoya.

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3 Responses to Asuke Day Trip

  1. I’m just impressed. I love your pictures. I was just once in Japan, but I can feel it when I see your pictures.
    Warmest regards
    Véronique from France (Region Jura)

  2. Ryan Garden says:

    Stunning photos as always. Love seeing your posts, maybe one I can visit your great country.

  3. Asuke looks amazing! From Nagoya, I’ve only been as far out as Inuyama and Gifu. Asuke looks worth a visit though it seems hard to get to from the city.

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