A Carlsbad Christmas sunset

A beautiful sunset on Christmas day in Carlsbad – the colors in the after show were stunning. Speaking of Carlsbad – 遼、西海岸にも豪邸

Pelicans and dolphins (you’ll have to look hard for the dolphins)

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5 Responses to A Carlsbad Christmas sunset

  1. dominikanita says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. Your photos are amazing and take me to a place I would never otherwise see. Thank you so much for them. Wherabouts is Carlsbad x it looks wonderful x

  3. tas.o.s. says:

    Amazing shots.. Love the colours. Great job 🙂 Happy holidays from Greece .

  4. She may spit on you or you might get a Manolo hurled to your face. She seemed to just never change and that doesn’t fly in the entertainment industry.

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