Gas or induction cooktop

We are considering going with an induction cooktop (IH for Induction Heating) instead of a gas cooktop for our kitchen. The main reason is clean-ability. It’s hard to keep a stainless gas cooktop clean, the grates get grody, the bumps around the burners get crusty, the knobs get greasy, etc. Although I do find hearing the burners fire up pleasing…must be a guy thing.

Induction cooktops are just being to gain some traction here in the US and there’s little information about their drawbacks. However in Japan and Europe, where they’re popular there’s more info. Sensing a threat, almost all gas companies in Japan have set up web pages dedicated to comparing induction cooking (IH) to gas cooking. Here are a couple of examples from Tokyo Gas and Toho Gas. One company has gone as far as setting up a couple of showrooms where you can try a gas and induction cooktop. They mentions a couple of disadvantages that I have not seen mentioned on English sites such as the Induction Site. These include:

  • Induction cooking may seem easier to clean but they tend to splatter more grease around the kitchen. Grease from gas cooktops are more concentrated and easier to capture by overhead hoods.


One solution if you’re deep frying with an induction cooktop, wrap the pan with newspaper to prevent splatter.



  • With induction cooktops the heat is more concentrated in the center of the pan. With gas, its more distributed including the outside of the pan. So with gas, pancakes will be cooked more evenly than induction.


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  1. Anne Moore says:

    what do you think of an induction cooktop?

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