Boring but vital

Construction is proceeding after a week break due to the firestorm. The boring but vital items are almost finished- rough electrical, rough plumbing, and roofing.

Once the rough electrical and plumbing are completed and pass inspection, the interior finishing can be started. Several of the windows have been installed but the rest won’t be installed until after the exterior siding is in place. The builder mentioned that, from prior experience, the weight of the exterior siding can cause sliding windows to come out of alignment if installed first.

We’re anxious to see the exterior siding and interior finishing. Its hard for us to visualize how it will ultimately turn out when looking at just the samples of the materials. When the materials are installed over a large area, the outcome may be different from what was imagined.

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  1. Well for heavens sake. Shou-Sugi-Ban I have been using this burning technique for quite a number of years now (1990—) on my sculpture. I discovered this on my own and it was a eureka moment. I had know idea at all that this was a method used by Japanese builders. The one difference in my method is that I use wax instead of oil. After burning I do not take off the powdered char but work it into the waxing process. The wood is still warm when I apply the wax hoping for some sort of penetration which would be minimal at best. After a short period of time I continue the waxing for about 5 or 6 coats. For the best sheen I have found hard maple to be best for my purpose.
    Edward Falkenberg

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