To help reduce the burden of cleaning the house, we thought we give the iRobot Roomba a try. I had heard some good things about it. Its fun to watch it work, especially under counters. You do need to break up large areas using “virtual walls”, otherwise it’ll miss areas. The battery charge also does not last long enough to do the whole house, so it may take a couple of days to vacuum the whole house – but just start it up when you leave for work and let it run.

Teasing my Roomba:

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2 Responses to Roomba-chan

  1. Juerg Hoelzle says:

    I owned the original (first) Roomba version for about 4 year and was very satisfied with it.

    I changed now to the new 560 which has many new features for the same price and also many improvements like easier cleaning of its components.

  2. 妻ちゃん says:


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