Plum Blossoms

The plum trees that were planted in the backyard are blooming for the first time.  I wish the blossoms would last a bit longer.

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2 Responses to Plum Blossoms

  1. 妻ですが says:


  2. jd says:

    I found your blog by accident while researching alternate siding materials for a project that I am working on. I think the home that your architect achieved for you is remarkable in its beauty and simplicity and strength of form. Being a designer myself, I am very interested in learning who your architect is. Searching through your blog, I found it extremely disappointing that you never credited your architect even once. You seem to have credited everyone else, even the architectural photographer – yet you never give credit to your designer. Please post his information. Word of mouth generates the majority of our business, and in these tough economic times, where architects were hit particularly hard, we need all the referrals we can get. Please give the firm the credit it deserves.

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