Unagi-don at Okan


Wa Dining Okan has started serving unagi (eel) for the month of July.  I think they’re using frozen eel, so it doesn’t have the plumpness of a fresh eel.  But its good given the constraints.  I don’t know of anyplace in California that serves fresh eel.  I’ve only heard of a place in NYC, otherwise Japan.  There you have a choice of wild eel or farm grown fresh eel.

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1 Response to Unagi-don at Okan

  1. cgfan says:

    I don’t know anyone who does fresh Unagi in San Diego, but Kaito Sushi regularly brings in fresh Anago and fillets it in-house during prep. They serve it up as Nigiri with their traditional house-made Tsume or as Tempura. By far the best Sushi I’ve found in San Diego, only to be followed by Sushi-Dokoro Shirahama.

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