Comfort Food

My comfort food is definitely youshoku (洋食), Japanese-style western food (NY Times article), dishes such as:

  • Miso-katsu – tonkatsu with miso sauce in Nagoya (サカエ食堂)

  • Omu-rice at Taimeiken (たいめいけん) in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

  • Nikuman, Chinese steamed pork bun at Gojyuban (五十番) in Kagurazaka, Tokyo

Of course, the traditional fair is also excellent:

  • Oden at Konakara (こなから ), Ochanomizu, Tokyo – excellent food and excellent atmosphere.  Photo at top.
  • Soba at Namiku-Yabu (並木藪蕎麦) at Asakusa, Tokyo in front of the Kaminari Gate.

  • Udon at Nezu, Tokyo

  • Taiyaki (azuki bean cake) store in Nezu (根津のたいやき) was closed

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3 Responses to Comfort Food

  1. Dennis says:

    I have the hardest time explaining to my friends about B級グルメ. The omurice at Taimeiken looks great! I really want to try the curry at Jiyuuken some day also. Anyway thanks for the wonderful post.

  2. ちくですが says:


  3. 妻ですが says:


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