Brad Pitt and Tarantino on SMAPxSMAP

Brad Pitt and Tarantino guest on the Japanese TV show SMAPxSMAP.  They make an appearance on the Bistro SMAP section where SMAP cook for their guests.  SMAP is a boy band, though no longer boys since they’ve been around forever (20 years).  The food looks so good. With English subtitles.

Updated – The YouTube videos have been taken down by Fuji TV, but found an abbreviated version.

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4 Responses to Brad Pitt and Tarantino on SMAPxSMAP

  1. 妻ですが says:


  2. Erich Falls says:

    Alicia keys is gorgeous young lady she performs good I love your song the one I like best is never see you again that a excellent song to sing to a boy friend

  3. Evette Dachs says:

    To me, the best thing that Brad Pitt’s has ever done was giving these homes for the victim of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. He is a good person. I salute you for that

  4. Brad Pitt is now in Hungary while on break from his filming. He got lost and couldn’t find his home where Angelina is renting. I imagine if it was my home and Brad Pitt getting in the house. I would let him in and will be the best day of my life. I love Brad

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