Yakyudori Ramen

After reading this article in yesterday’s NY Times about ramen joints in Tokyo, we had a craving for ramen.  We decided to try Yakyudori Ramen, which just opened.  Its run by the same people as Yakitori Yakyudori, a very good yakitori restaurant in Hillcrest (review here with pictures).  Yakyudori Ramen is located on Convoy St., next to Starbucks (the Korean Starbucks as opposed to the Japanese Starbucks next to Mitsuwa – for some reason Korean seems to congregate at this Starbucks, while Japanese seem to go to the other Starbuck in the Convoy area).

We ordered gyoza and shio-ramen.  The gyoza was the way we like it and very good.  The ramen was also good.  My wife liked the ramen here better that the shio-ramen at Santouka and Tajima.  I prefer the shio-ramen at Santouka, although the shio-ramen at Yakyudori is lighter than Santouka’s.  The ramen pickings are slim in San Diego, but a few years ago there were no good ramen joints in San Diego – you had to drive Orange County or Torrance.

Yakyudori ramen is  open till past midnight, while Santouka closes at 7:30.

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