Oyakodon at Kadoya

Oyakodon (parent – child bowl), chicken and egg rice bowl is one of my favorite foods – I must eat it at least a couple times a month. I recently had the best oyakodon I’ve tasted at Kadoya Restaurant in the Ryougoku area of Tokyo. Kadoya serves oyakodon only at lunch – they specialize in chicken sukiyaki and chicken sashimi for dinner. What made the oyakodon so good was the chicken – it was melt in your mouth tender and matched perfectly with the egg and rice.  They use free-range gamecock (軍鶏).

Ryougoku is home the Sumo Stadium and also to the Edo-Tokyo Museum – which focuses Tokyo in the Edo era. We only had a bit of time, so we rushed through the exhibits – we’ll have to come back when we have more time some day.

We headed back to the Ueno area.

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