Lake Louise, Banff

After satisfying our hunger in Canmore, we headed into Banff National Park.  Unlike U.S. National Parks, they charge by the number of days you will be visiting, $20 per day per car – U.S. National Parks charge a flat fee of $20 per car.  The weather forecast called for showers the next day, so we decided to drive to Lake Louise while it was still dry.

It might be just my imagination, but since the last time I saw Lake Louise many years ago, the glacier line of Victoria Glacier that overlooks the lake is a lot higher – global warming?  Its surreal that you can actually feel and see the effects of global warming within a couple of decades.

The emerald color of the glacier lake is stunning and alien.

Banff seems to be a popular place for tourists from Korea – Hangol graffiti on the beach.

The Lake Louise Ski Resort in the background.

We didn’t get to go out on the canoe ($30 per hour), next time.

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