A 50,000 Step Walk – Ginza

We continued our walk – from Tsukiji we headed toward Tokyo Stations through Ginza. Very few people walking in Ginza in the morning. Its not a morning town.

The iconic Kabuki-za Theater, now demolished. Construction has started on the high-rise office building with the new Kabuki-za on the ground floor.

Throughout Tokyo, you see these bumps such as this one in Ginza.  In many cases the bump is a buried river – now used as a road or built upon.  Rivers are not longer useful for shipping goods.

The glass block Hermes Building – have to come back at night and check it out.

From Yurakucho Station we walked along the elevated train tracks. Beneath the tracks are numerous restaurants. Parts of the elevated tracks are over 100 years old, its been expanded over the years to accommodate the bullet train and other lines. Because the land here isn’t very stable, much of it’s reclaimed land from Tokyo Bay, the original construction used a couple thousand 55ft pine piles hammered into the ground by hand. The outer skin is bricks – you can tell where the tracks have been expanded over the years by looking at the bricks.

As we got closer to Tokyo Station the foot traffic increased with people heading to work – most people start the New Year holidays in a day or 2 – Christmas is not a holiday.

Executive cars with drivers at Tokyo Station

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