Morimoto Waikiki

We had dinner at the Iron Chef Morimoto’s Morimoto Restaurant in Waikiki at the new Edition Hotel. The design of the hotel is quite nice, modern with warm muted wood – the public bathrooms are impressive. The Morimoto Restaurant was packed and very loud – it was hard to hear across the table. I was disappointed with the food. Its good but for the price you would expect better. The food at Nobu Waikiki was better (we ate there the previous night). The best dish was the Wagyu carpaccio. We had the Oyster Frois Gras (oyster in the shell slightly cooked with uni and frois gras) – I think plain raw oysters would have been better. The Pork Gyoza was strange. Yose Tofu was good but its just normal tofu. Duck Duck Duck was disappointing – the duck egg rolls were good but the other 3 ducks were sub par. The tofu hot and cold and chocolate mille feuille dessert were good.

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