Fukushima Contaminated Foods

The sometimes controversial German TV show Frontal21 featured a segment on the contaminated foods (rice, vegetables, and fish) well-beyond the 20km exclusion zone – the piece aired in August. Here is a version with English and Japanese subtitles.

Wonder what I “can” eat when I go to Japan next time?

The Australian version of 60 Minutes presented a segment on the “unspeakable reality” of Fukushima, reported by Liz Hayes.

Joi Ito (now director of MIT’s Media Lab) has an interesting project that is setting up a private radiation sensor network and publishing the readings. You’ll find it here: Safecast.org,

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  1. Vividhunter says:

    We are concerned about this issue too and basically have stopped eating out because we don’t know where the ingredients are coming from.

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