Harajuku Walk Pt. 1

While my wife went shopping, I took a walk from Omotesando to Meiji Shrine (part 1) and then back through Harajuku to Omotesando (part 2).

(A walking fitness celebrity which I guess makes him required to wear fur)

Hello Kitty on drugs…the stress of being a celebrity…

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  1. ちくですが says:


  2. Ged says:

    Very nice pictures!

  3. t.on.air says:

    Love the photos. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  4. ちくですが says:


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  6. Beautiful pictures — I love the character you’ve captured in the different people!


  7. Wow, really beautiful photos!

  8. Cathy says:

    Hello Kitty on drugs HAHAHA

  9. HoaiPhai says:

    Gorgeous photos. Happy White Day, by the way!

  10. twinstartermom says:

    Ah. Japan. How I wish I could go there. Maybe one day. I’ll keep this blog checked so I can prepare for it. I’ve also SO wanted to learn the language but have been finding it hard to do.

  11. valentinedee says:

    Definitely ecclectic. A feast for the senses. Thank you.


  12. emshanu says:

    Beautiful photos!

  13. Carlie Chew says:

    Great pictures! I love your black and whites.

  14. Justin Brown says:

    These pictures are amazing! its very cool how there a little out of focus in different ways. I’m just getting into photography and i was wondering what you use to manipulate photographs? The cool textures and blurriness… I have Photoshop CS5 but i would have no idea to do this with it. Could you give me a little tip? 🙂

    • Ken says:

      What works for me is a fixed fast lens such as a 35mm or 50mm @ f2 or better yet a f1.4 The pictures have much more dimension than with a zoom lens.

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  16. I taught in Japan for three years and it brings back memoiries arigato goziamas

  17. tokyoaaron says:

    Nice pictures! I especially like the first one, the abstract of shadows and geometric paving stones.

    I didn’t know that there were still “goth lollies” posing in Harajuku…

  18. Julie Mundy says:

    Wow! Your gorgeous photos dragged up ancient memories of when I lived in Tokyo in the 80’s and used to do this same walk on a Sunday morning, to enjoy the photomontage of the self-consicous performance punks in Harajuku. I love your images! I wrote about Japan in my 50 words blog: hope you like it! http://50wordsfor50countries.com/2012/01/10/37-japan/

  19. Steven says:

    It’s funny how romantic photos often involve Paris or other parts of Europe. but often Asian countries are left out of the picture.

    It’s great to see that a place like Japan can have a touch of romance as well. (With the first few photos…not so much the Hello Kitty on crack..)

    Check out this battle of wills: Foodie vs Food Allergy

  20. melisi says:

    hahah I can’t believe it! When we were in Harajuku we also saw Hello Kitty on drugs the same guy! I have pics of him. He is definitely a character – Oh yeh guys it’s a he in case you were wondering.. and last time we were there he had a girlfriend too heheh

  21. abichica says:

    woowww amazing!! id love to go there one day.. thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  22. ShaneWozEre says:

    Fantastic photos. Made me homesick for Tokyo again (even though I never lived there) Check out my Sunday stroll through Hirijuku – http://shanewozere.wordpress.com/2009/10/30/harijuku-smile-is-best-makeup/

  23. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss and commented:
    This is a very interesting blog!

  24. Bethany says:

    Aaaah wonderful. I miss Tokyo!

  25. You captured a walk through the Meiji Shrine very well…there are many types of people to be seen in this area…businessmen, elderly women walking around in their running shoots, and the harajuku fashionistas…etc.

  26. cool! i love 2nd photo

  27. Matt says:

    Great pics. Last one was my favorite! Congrats on getting ‘pressed’!

  28. Paul P says:

    Wonderful scenic pictures!

  29. cerro_este says:

    Reblogged this on jessmislang and commented:
    nice pictures 😉

  30. Turning Japanese
    I think I’m turning Japanese
    I really think so

  31. rachelmeeks says:

    Loooove Hello Kitty on drugs! Haha! Stunning pictures. I hope to be able to travel someday. Right now I have to live vicariously through travel blogs. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  32. Fiona.q says:

    i love the 2nd and 3rd one, very interesting!

  33. Anonymous says:

    You make me want to learn japanese 🙂

  34. Anonymous says:

    you make me wanna learn japanese

  35. maykid says:

    you make me wanna study japanese

  36. Love these pictures as our son is in Japan, serving with the US military. I have only seen a few of his shots and a few of his friends. Thanks for posting yours, as I enjoy reading about Japan and it’s culture.

  37. Dee says:

    Nice photo.. I love the 10th photo, a man with “hakama” (If I’m not wrong or Yukata ?) Thanks for sharing

  38. priyashanthab says:

    I like 1st,4th & last pictures very much.other pictures also nice.

  39. RenRen says:

    That was totally Hello Kitty overload.

  40. That girl in the pink outfit (last photo) almost doesn’t remind me of a real person LOL! What I liked about your photos is that normally, when one pairs the word “Harajuku” with photos, one is treated to an overload of zany, kooky-but-cool fashion ensembles, but your photos showed a softer side of Harajuku. Loved them!

    • Ken says:

      Thanks – Harajuku a pretty diverse area with a major shrine, a Rodeo drive-like shopping area, and the more kooky-cool area. Thanks.

  41. Tokyo Jinja says:

    Loved your photographs!!!

  42. Sarah Harris says:

    Loved these photographs but especially the ones of San Diego! Fantastic!

  43. Amazing images! Now if only I could get past only laying-over at Narita.

  44. caicailike says:

    Lovely & lively!

  45. caicailike says:

    Lovely & lively!

  46. I like the 1st and 4th picture most…others are also great piece of work…

  47. loved the second shot…love the angle,and the blue in the shot!!

  48. kevintriedge says:

    Beautiful post! I feel that you’re really giving your readers the best by taking so many good photos. I love Japan, and your post just made me like it even more XD

    Come and check my blog too, I have several posts about Japan as well.

  49. I’m loving the pictures. Love black and white

  50. Kitty Hun says:

    Love it!

  51. hadinett says:

    Reblogged this on hadinett and commented:
    good blog

  52. Beautiful job, magnificent photos! I love the first one with the shadows, and some of the out of focus ones give so much depth to the photo. Congratulations!

  53. Kitania says:

    Beautiful pictures ~ you’re making me miss Japan even more!

    I love it though and cannot wait until I can go back to visit =)

  54. Amazing photography here – brilliant!

  55. This is so stunning and inspiring. Congrats on being freshly pressed!! ^-^

  56. wolfy12 says:

    Great pictues, love the captions!

  57. Stargaze says:

    Subarashii! This brings back sweet memories of my old days in Japan 🙂

  58. Joanna says:

    I want to visit there one day.

  59. Amazing pictures! I want to visit!

  60. pnwauthor says:

    Lovely photographs. Not sure what the girl in pink (last photo) is doing. Funny seeing girls wearing bedroom slippers in public.

  61. writingisl0ve says:

    Reblogged this on writingisl0ve.

  62. hannahbanana says:

    Kudos to you for getting down just to get that perspective in the second photo! Oh, the highs (or in this case, lows!) photographers will go to for their photos, haha! I think it works great though. Interesting collection of subjects! 🙂

  63. irisoniris says:

    I agree. This is one of the few photo blogs that actually made me feel like I was there! Good job!

  64. Albizia says:

    Nice photos! I guess it’s about time I went to Tokyo. But I am a lazy Kyoto girl who goes to Osaka every time she needs some urban atmosphere…

  65. smkelly8 says:

    Natsukashii! Sugoi!

  66. bwbears says:

    really nice and meaningful series

  67. rbarbosa76 says:

    Nice photos. Great city, Tokyo

  68. LOVE YOUR PICS! Thanx

  69. Ryan Sprout says:

    Those are absolutely stunning photographs! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  70. thepsychlops says:

    Amazing photos, and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! What camera did you use?

  71. roberto88264 says:

    Amazing photos! Excellent work. Thank you. Greetings from Italy.

  72. ginowan777 says:

    Great work, keep them coming:)

  73. brulionman says:

    strange teenage fashion

  74. Architectural Nexus says:

    Stunning photographs. The composition is perfect.

  75. Wow these photos are amazing, i love the out of focus shots, really nice!

  76. Profesor says:

    great pics. brings back memories.

  77. jugglingtam says:

    Lovely pictures! Harajuku is one of my favorite places to people watch 🙂


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