A Morning Walk in Koshien

Koshien is a quiet suburb of Osaka near Kobe and the Roko mountain range. Koshien is also home to the Koshien Stadium baseball stadium – the home of the national high school tournament and Hanshin Tigers.  We took an early morning walk around Koshien.

A huge “danchi” housing complex (150 five story buildings – 5,000 units) built in the early 60’s – slowly parts of it are being torn down for modern high-rise condos while others are being reformed as university experiments. (公団浜甲子園団地)

The curse of Colonel Sanders that was tossed into Osaka’s Dotonbori River and was believed to have cursed the Hanshin Tigers baseball team for 25 years until the Colonel was discovered.

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6 Responses to A Morning Walk in Koshien

  1. You picked a great picture to show first! I don’t know what it is about it, but I had to stare for a while before moving on.
    Beautiful as usual.

  2. Jeabb says:

    interesting town!
    I know Koshien from the Japanese Cartoon books that I’ve read since I was a junior high.

    I like your story and you pictures as I like it before.
    You can capture the good moment.

  3. kikoo99 says:

    great photos!!!

  4. jbassal says:

    lovely photos, you’ve really captured the stillness of the early morning.

  5. ちくですが says:

    A midnight walk in Korakuen も楽しいよ。

  6. I think every one of these shots is technically brilliant. The black and white ones are perfect in black and white, they are cropped to perfection, composed brilliantly. Stunning work.

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