Around Noto Peninsula (能登半島)

Starting next year you’ll be able to take a quick and comfortable 2.5 hour ride on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kanazawa (金沢). In the meantime, we took the bullet train to Yuzawa and then a express train to Kanazawa. From Kanazawa, we took the local train up the Noto Peninsula (能登半島) to Nanao (七尾市). We stayed the night at nearby Wakura-Onsen (和倉温泉), a hot springs resort town. We didn’t have the chance to head up further into the Noto Peninsula, its supposed to be beautiful – next time.

Passing through the Nose.

We left Tokyo early in the morning out of Ueno station.

A brief stop in Yuzawa (湯沢), a ski and hot springs town, to change trains.

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1 Response to Around Noto Peninsula (能登半島)

  1. Found you on Inspired Eye, Ken. Japan is a fascianting country I would love to visit one day, and clearly not just Tokio…
    Your color images are very good with amazing palettes, but I find your B&W equally appealing. And they don’t even clash side by side — I usually think they should never be mixed in the same portfolio.
    How do you manage to ‘see’ both? I find it extremely distracting, like shooting 21mm and 105mm in the same breath. Truth be told, I have abandoned all hope and I’m sticking to B&W, to try and get at least one right!
    Well, take care for now,

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