A house with no windows

I lied. The new house has a lot of windows, more than your typical house. However it has no windows facing the street, from the curb it looks like a house with no windows. Come to think about it, why does your typical house have windows facing the street? I don’t find peering at my neighbors’ houses and their cars relaxing unlike this fellow who likes to place his vintage yellow Jaguar in his living room. Wonder what my wife will think of this concept…I’ll first need to buy that yellow Bentley.

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2 Responses to A house with no windows

  1. 妻です says:


  2. Bess says:

    I am reading a well written, clearly, logically explained engineering document. Just kidding 🙂 it is very clear and well written though.
    Victorian can be charming, and wabi too…
    Hail to the Wabi!

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