Eric Clapton’s favorite restaurant

Can’t make out the name of this restaurant. If I bumped into this man, I sure wouldn’t recognize him unlike say Martin Landau, who was standing at the opposite end of the door I just opened coming out from a very dark restaurant on Sawtelle looking like Bela Lugosi.

[Update] My wife says the restaurant is a tonkatsu shop called Fukuyoshi in Harajuku. She says that Isen, the main store is in Ueno is better (one of my favorite places). Or better yet if you’re in Kagoshima there is an amazing tonkatsu place there. If you haven’t had tonkatsu in Japan, its a totally different food from the tonkatsu in San Diego. Its like comparing Kobe beef to a regular sirloin steak.

Another place to eat, wonder what happens if you need to go to the restroom?

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