Its a big city with lots to eat

In Tokyo for several days. They say New York City has a pulse, but in Tokyo you can really feel the pulse of the city. Its like a choreographed dance, people move to the side of the train doors to let people out before going in, everyone is expected to stand on the left side of the escalator unless you’re walking up, etc.

Lots of excellent places to eat.

We had lunch at our favorite soba place in Asakusa behind TBS TV Studios, Sunaba. It can be an interesting place. at times The usual celebrity sightings but more interesting is the Yakuza (Japanese mafia) bosses like to eat there. When one is there, you have their troops at the door with ear pieces in Zegna suits and missing the tips of their pinky. Inside, you have the troops going inside the kitchen to get the bosses water, etc. Update – I recently watched the movie Tampopo and Sunaba was the location of the vacuum scene.

We had a new find. Its a cafe across from Tokyo station in the 3rd floor of the Maruzen bookstore. Maruzen was founded by Mr. Hayashi and he is also said to be the originator of the name “Hayashi rice”. Obviously the cafe is famous for its “Hayashi rice“. I had the omelet rice with Hayashi sauce and curry sauce. Next time I’ll stick with just the Hayashi sauce. The curry is good but the the Hayashi sauce is simply excellent.

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2 Responses to Its a big city with lots to eat

  1. つくですが says:


    砂場  :Asakusa →Akasaka
    MC Cafe  :3F →4F


  2. Anonymous says:

    i like hayashi rice im making it at home now 😀

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