Kyoto (part 2) – Tenryuji

Having accomplished our goal of visiting Katsura Rikyu in the morning, we had the rest of the day to visit other sites in Kyoto. We decided to head over to the Arashiyama area and visited Tenryuji.

Tenryui is a zen temple those renown garden was created in the early 1300s. The temple buildings have burnt down and been rebuilt several times since then.

The rock formation depicts a carp climbing up a stream.

The temple brings the garden indoors. Its very relaxing to just sit on the engawa and take in the garden. Although the temple must be freezing in the winter months.

We had a late lunch in a cafe across from Tenryuji that is housed in what used to be a sento (public bath) till a couple of years ago. Inside, its a modern cafe but with all the faucets used for washing still in place.

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