We have a second story

Back from our vacation and the house had changed dramatically. The house now has a roof, a second story and is enclose. It’s not much, but we now have a view that we didn’t have in the original house.

I like how the house appears to float due to the raised floor and engawa. It sort of resembles Darth Vadar’s battleship from this angle.

Next up, roofing and the frame will be wrapped in housewrap. It rained Friday night so hopefully things will dry out by Monday. Once the house is wrapped, the siding is attached. The siding is interesting…its a bit of an experiment and we’re not quite sure how it will come out. Its going to be almost black…hmm, I’ve never seen a black house in San Diego. I’m hoping it will have the similar effect this subway station entrance at Tokyo Midtown (interesting Newsweek article) is achieving, that of bringing a taste of old Japan to a modern design…Tokyo Midtown’s architecture was developed with a theme of “Japanese values”.

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