The builder noticed some termites flying in and landing on the open construction. The builder talked to several pest control companies and building inspectors. All said that this is the time of year that termites swarm. One pest control company said to wait till construction was done and then tent the house.

However we decided on a preventive option of spraying on a mineral salt to the exposed frame. The mineral soaks into the lumber and acts as a preventative treatment that can last as long as ten years. You can reapply it every few years. The product is called Bora-Care. Because its a mineral, its green and non-toxic. The construction crew can keep on working while its being applied.

The pest control company rep mentioned that many builder homes ignore the termites, so when the new home is completed, it already has the termites locked in. Probably just a sales pitch, but I half-believe it.

According to our builder, the building inspector that came by the house yesterday said he’s seeing a lot of construction sites with termites right now. And the inspector had just applied Bora-Care to his house.

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