Exciting things to come…

The moon setting over the Pacific:

On the final day of construction before the Christmas break, a crane was on site to move dirt and gravel onto the roof garden…the roof looks much calmer now.  This was a priority because the roof had to be weighted down before the remaining windows can be put into place.

There should be some serious action starting the new year. The crane also staged the final set of materials, limestone, windows, and associated railings. The wood flooring material has been here for about a month. Since the wood came straight from Brazil, it had to be first acclimated.

These are some seriously long railings and big windows:


The drywall is almost done. Lots of sheetrock gunk on the floor. Its like a minefield of doggy doo doo and hard to get off your shoes.


One thing I really like about the house and didn’t expect, is how it frames solely the sky and trees from several different viewpoints. Definitely designed in by our architect.


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