All Black

The remaining exterior elements have been completed – garage door siding and exterior doors – all in black.

With these elements in place the house is now totally enclosed in black – very cool. Admittedly its a polarizing look.

The exterior doors are very tall. The doors are steel frame and then sided with cedar.

The interior is progressing. The Ceasarstone kitchen counter has been installed. Corian was planned due to budgetary reasons, but at the last minute I changed it to Ceasarstone and incurred the extra cost. Ceasarstone is more resistant to scratches and heat than Corian, plus I prefer the look of Ceasarstone to Corian. I think it was the right choice.

The walls of the ofuro area will be oiled with the same oil used to on the exterior siding rather than painted to give it a more natural look. This is possible because the wall is DensGlass, typically used for exterior walls.

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  4. When it comes to black colors Caesarstone was definately the better pick. Dark Corian colors tend to scratch white.

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