Zion Day 2 – Angel’s Landing

Another beautiful day in Zion National Park.  Walking out of the hotel room, we were greeted by this view.

On our second day, we hiked to Angel’s Landing.  Angel’s Landing is a 1,500 feet monolitic rock that “only an angel could land on it”.

The first couple of miles is a modestly steep climb that ends with Walter’s Wiggles, a compact set of 21 switchbacks.  At the top of Walter’s Wiggles you are greeted by Scott’s Lookout, that provides an impressive view down Zion Canyon.

From Scott’s Lookout, its a steep 1/2 mile to Angel’s Landing. The initial climb to the mini-peak is a bit scary…

…but once you reach the top of the mini-peak you realize it only gets scarier and the view more spectacular.

There are chains in place to hold on to in most places as you climb up the razor spine with steep drops on both sides.

Once you reach the top, the view is simply spectacular.

The only way down is the same way you came.  By this time you’ve gotten used to the steep drops around you, but admittedly its still a bit scary.

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7 Responses to Zion Day 2 – Angel’s Landing

  1. Cain Doherty says:

    incredible location!

  2. 妻ちゃん says:


  3. ちくちゃん says:


  4. seasofsilver says:

    BREATHTAKING!!! You just reminded me that I always wanted to take up climbing……


  5. 妻ですが says:


  6. hottans says:


  7. ちくちゃん says:


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