Old-Fashion Tofu

Nijiya Market in San Diego carries these old-fashion tofu that’s really good, Zaru Tofu from Meiji Tofu.  Best eaten simply with a bit of soy sauce and ginger.  The taste is almost like gelato, but a lot healthier.  Its expensive at $7.99 (maybe its $5.50 if you go to the Meiji Tofu store in LA – the bamboo container probably adds an extra dollar to the cost but we keep buying it and the containers keep stacking up in our drawers.  It sells out frequently though.  The Supreme Soft tofu is as good and slightly cheaper.

NetFlix recommended the movie “Kamikaze Girls” and we found it very entertaining and fresh.  The original Japanese title was “Shimotsuma Story”, don’t know why it ended up with this unfortunate title in the states.  Its Amelie meets Ghost World.  The grandmother’s house in the movie also features a nice traditional engawa.

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