Original Washlet Commercial

Interesting the copy TOTO used to first introduce the washlet in 1980, the translations is essentially:

Everyone washes their dirty hands with water.  Nobody wipes it with paper like this.  Why is that?  You bottom is the same.  Your bottom wants to be washed.

This then unusual product caught on pretty quickly in Japan and now 70% of the toilets in Japanese homes are washlets.  It still hasn’t quite caught on in the US, by TOTO is trying with this campaign.

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2 Responses to Original Washlet Commercial

  1. Very good demonstration as to why a washlet works so well and why it’s good to have one.

    Great video and post.

  2. bidet seat says:

    Bidet seats are great and like you – I wonder why they haven’t caught on in America like they have abroad.

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