Along with the Yosakoi Festival, we took in some sights around Kochi.  Kochi Castle is one of the few remaining intact castles in Japan.  The one that currently stands was rebuild in 1700 after the original burned down.  Its a small castle with a residence attached to it.  Part of the castle is undergoing renovation but we could still tour inside of it.

For lunch we had unagi.  The unagi was different from Nagoya or Kanto style – it was refined and delicious.  There was almost no sauce and not much fat on the unagi.

For dinner we had a specialty of Kochi is Katsu-tataki (seared skipjack tuna) – it originated in Kochi – and delicious.

I also found my favorite ice cream.

Running in Kochi is a system of streetcars which are one of the oldest still running including an Anpan-man car. Anpan-man is an anime that is very popular with young children.  Anpan-man is all over the island of Shikoku – the creator was from Shikoku.  The hero, anpanman, is actually a baked good (anpan – bread filled with sweet bean) created by Uncle Jam.  When he encounter a hungry person, he tears a piece of his head off.  Once his head becomes useless, Uncle Jam bakes him a new head.  Anpanman’s main adversary is Germ Man.

From Kochi we traveled to Tokushima, also on the island of Shikoku.  The train has an Anpan-man train car:

Some random photos from Kochi:

I just found this out but Bridgestone was founded by Ishi-bashi (Stone Bridge)…the grandfather of Hatoyama, the next prime minister.

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