Tokyo Odds & Ends

Been really busy the last few months with a deadline looming at work – looks like we may make it.  I finally had a chance to go through the photos I took in Tokyo last summer.

We took in a Kabuki play with great seats at the Kabuki-za Theater. The Kabuki-za is being demolished in April and replaced by a high rise designed by Kengo Kuma with a theater. Another iconic structure being torn down. There’s even a sayonara countdown clock in front of the theater.

To be replaced with:

Well at least it’ll probably have comfortable seats.

I’m not a Gundam fan, but like any geek I still went to see the Gundam robot at Odaiba

Cardboard man…in the US you see people gather aluminum cans but never cardboard:

Took an walk through the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architecture Garden in Musashino. Homes and buildings from the early to mid-1900s. Some of the buildings served as model for those in Miyazaki’s movie Spirited Away.

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