Favorite Blackcomb Runs

When you visit Whistler, you tend to ski Whistler Mountain.  But on days with good visibility, my favorite runs are on Blackcomb Mountain.  The Peak 2 Peak chair now makes it easy to ski Whistler in the morning and then head over to Blackcomb after lunch – its such a beautiful ride on a sunny day.

One of the best intermediate runs is Blackcomb Glacier – the view from the run is simply breathtaking and the snow is usually nice and dry. Because the scale is so huge (its a mile wide and 3 miles long), the run looks steeper than it actually is. From the top of the Glacier Chair, take the Showcase T-bar, and after a short hike you’ll be in the Blackcomb Glacier.

If you like steep runs, the next ones are the best. My favorite are the bowls off Spanky’s Ladder. These bowls drop into the bottom of Blackcomb Glacier, so you get the same spectacular view and a nice steep slope. From the top of the Glacier Chair, its a short traverse left to Spanky’s “Ladder” – which is a short hike – sometimes a bit steep. From there you have a choice of several bowls, I like Ruby which is the leftmost bowl – you can traverse along the top of the cliff to get in at the top of the bowl (sometimes the entry is challenging)  or ski down left for easier entry.

Another great steep run is Couloir Extreme, its one of the few in-bound Couloirs in North America. You can get to it from the top of 7th Heaven or the Hortsman T-Bar off the Glacier Chair. From the top, you get a bit of vertigo – its a direct view down to the bottom.

Looking back up, it looks easy.

Viewing from afar – yeah its steep.

Nice views from the Symphony area at Whistler Mountain:

A nasty entry – I passed on this one:

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