Nikuman in Kagurazaka

We had a craving for nikuman (肉まん), chinese steamed pork bun – manapua in Hawaiian pidgen.  So we headed for one of the best at 50ban (Gojyuban – 五十番) in Kagurazaka (神楽坂), Tokyo.  50ban has a wider variety of steamed buns from the transitional pork bun to kurobuta, shrimp, and scallop buns.  You can buy takeout or dine upstairs. Although one of the best I’ve ever had was on a frigid snowy day in Hokkaido from a convenience store – it really hit the spot.

Some more pic from around Kagurazaka.

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2 Responses to Nikuman in Kagurazaka

  1. justin says:

    did you move to tokyo?

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