Tokyo Commuters

Commuting is a pain no matter where you are.  At least in Tokyo, you’ll get where you want to go on time – sometimes it may be crowded and uncomfortable – but you’ll be predictably on time. The most crowded times are obviously during the morning commute, but also the last train for the day late in the evening.

Even with “cool biz”, most commuters were is full suit and tie.  “Cool biz” is a government green initiative started 5 years ago, where workers are encouraged to were short sleeves without jacket and tie during the summer, so that offices can reduce electricity consumption by raising the air conditioning temperature.

I remember years ago where my workplace had a dress code requiring a tie – I was taken aside once for wearing a stripped shirt while visiting HQ.  Those days are thankfully long gone.  Although when I go to the dentist or doctor’s office in shorts and sneakers, they still don’t believe me when I tell them I came from work…

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