Shiretoko (知床) – Snow Shoeing

We went on a short snow shoeing tour in Shiretoko National Park.

Some environmental changes have caused an increase in birds that drill into the trees to go after bugs. Since the life a a tree depends on their bark, the drilling is causing many of the trees to rot.

A frozen waterfall that is fed by ground water and falls into the ocean.

We walk along the coast back to the hotel.

I don’t think these kayakers know what their doing – I don’t think those clothes are adequate…sure enough a wave hit them on entry and they turned over into the freezing water.  They gave up after that.

We came across a 88 year old grandmother taking a walk on the icy sidewalks.  She walks it everyday, except she slipped a few days ago.  She invited us for tea – maybe next time.

At night, buses carted in spectators for a light show near the hotel:

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2 Responses to Shiretoko (知床) – Snow Shoeing

  1. Pixie says:


    May I know where do you stay in Utoro and how much did you pay for the snow shoeing? Did you go for the drift ice walking?


    • Ken says:

      We stayed at the Shiretoko Grand Hotel Kita Kobushi. There are a couple large hotels and that was one of them. The snow shoeing was fairly cheap – but the rates depend on if its half day or full day.

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