Sapporo Ramen @ Ichiryuan

With our JR Rail pass expiring tomorrow (we need to be in Nagoya tomorrow night), we headed out of Shiretoko. The timing was right with a storm approaching. We made our way south to Sapporo first by bus to Shiretoko-Shari and then by train to Sapporo.

At Sapporo we had ramen at Ichiryuan (一粒庵 (いちりゅうあん) near Sapporo Station – we had the Genki no Deru Miso Ramen (元気のでるみそラーメン – Uplifting Miso Ramen). Lots of garlic and very good. It was our first dinner in many days that did not include crab.

After dinner, we got on the train again making our way further south to Hakodate, on the southern tip of Hokkaido.

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