Yushima Plum Blossoms – Tokyo

In Tokyo, while my wife went to get her driver’s license renewed – our main goal of the trip – I went for a run and walk around Iidabashi. We went met up for lunch at Yabu Soba (神田やぶそば) in Kanda.

After lunch we walked to see the plums (ume – 梅) at Yushima Tenjin Shrine (湯島天神) which were starting to bloom.

With performing monkey:

Piles of ema plaques with wishes for a good result on their entrance exams (college, high school, etc).

Later that night we caught a plane out of Haneda to Honolulu.

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1 Response to Yushima Plum Blossoms – Tokyo

  1. Today's World In Pics says:

    I liked the second photo of the fisherman the best. Nice work.

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