Defrosting in Honolulu

We spent a few days in Honolulu. After all freezing weather we experienced in Japan, Honolulu felt hot. There were significantly more tourists here compared to when we were here last summer – looks like tourism is on a rebound. Random pics from around Honolulu.

Passersby helping the bride…

Expression you get when you’re spotted…

Izumo Taisha Shrine (出雲大社) new Kukui Plaza. The small shrine’s a branch of a famous shrine in Japan and makes an interesting use of neon.

Arancino italian restaurant but menu’s Japanese…

Sleeping deeply…

Back to San Diego…

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4 Responses to Defrosting in Honolulu

  1. Love your photographs!

  2. travellingrome says:

    great photos!!!and beautiful place!

  3. 妻ですが says:


  4. ちくですが says:


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