Harajuku Walk Pt. 2

Continuing my walk from Omotesando to Meiji Shrine (part 1) and then back through Harajuku to Omotesando (part 2).

Ugg Boots are still in on Takeshita-dori (竹下通り) – I just don’t get this street, why is it always so crowded and I find none of the stores interesting…sucks to get old.

Lucky Charms out shopping

You can choose your future…at least that’s what the monitor says.

Made it back but my wife’s still shopping…

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16 Responses to Harajuku Walk Pt. 2

  1. tcadrianlam says:

    Great street photos!

  2. ladyhawkephotography says:

    God, your pictures are awesome! There’s such a life in them. I love it!

  3. Wonderful photos, I want to visit some day.

  4. lrntn says:

    I’m sure you’ve rec’d thousands of hits this wk… congrats! Took a wander through your site and really enjoy your point of view. It also brings back fond memories of Japan–I so love it (which I visited for first time a little over a year ago). Happy blogging! Best wishes

  5. daisy says:

    I’ve only been to Tokyo once, but you’ve brought back some great memories of my week-long visit there. Thanks for sharing.


  6. あまや says:

    Wonderful photos! How did you take them?

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  8. CLK says:

    Hi Ken,

    I love your photo…..it give me a peace when i look at it….
    You using 35mm ? and do you mind share what model of camera you using ? Leica ?

    Wonderful photographs…

  9. CLK says:

    Cool…..always Leica….that make it….thanks !

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