Shibuya at Night, Pt. 2

Continuing from part 1.

Missing each other (すれ違い)

A crowded smoking area

Streetside Starbucks…

Closing time

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4 Responses to Shibuya at Night, Pt. 2

  1. really enjoying looking through yr blog, great photography, Tanya

  2. lrntn says:

    You’ve captured the energy of Shibuya well –thanks for sharing! PS–not sure if you’re in Japan now, but if not, you might want to catch Jiro Dreams of Sushi when it makes its way to you. Wonderful heartwarming movie.

  3. What a fantastic set of photos. As @lrntn says, you have really captured the business and liveliness of Shibuya! Good job.

  4. I can never get enough of Japan street photography. Thank you for posting!

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